Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stroll Down Memory Lane

So as I mentioned in my St. Patty's Day post, my husband has been away this week. Like the good grandson he is, he's in Florida helping his Grandmother since she had eye surgery. Hence, I naturally jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house today, when my brother-in-law invited me to brunch to celebrate his finishing the NYC Half Marathon (Congrats to him by the way!).

It was a real pleasure for me to head into Manhattan on a weekend, something I rarely do any more. The weather this week has been incredible, and the first full day of spring was no exception. Let me tell you, Manhattan in spring time is like bears coming out of hibernation. People come out of the wood works and are walking every where, shopping, going to brunch, anything just to get out of the house and into the weather. I was loving the vibe in the city as I headed all the way down to Wall St. to meet the 1/2 Marathon Crew.

I think it's important to mention, for those of you who may not have caught how I met Mr. Blue, that my brother-in-law and I were neighbors and friends, and that I met my husband through him. When we lived next door to each other we used to hang out all the time, and I knew many of his friends who were over often, especially for our frequent parties. So it was an added bonus to get to see some familiar faces today, drink some beers, and reminisce, while still catching up on and joking about our current lives and lifestyles.

My favourite part of the day however, was my long stroll from Wall Street to the Port Authority to head back to NJ. Now, while I did not really plan to walk 3.8 miles and countless blocks today, I will say that though my feet and back hurt by the end (I know I'm an old lady), it was really nice to be out and about in the city with no real trajectory or place to be. Admittedly my lovely stroll began with a phone call to Mr. B that turned into a fight, that delayed my getting on the subway, which turned into us making up and not wanting to hang up with each other, so we wound up taking a long "stroll" together on our cell phones hundreds of miles apart.

Days like today remind me how much I really love Manhattan, and made me wish that I put more effort into going into the city when I have time to really enjoy being there. I lost perspective during all the years of daily commuting on how lucky I was to live right outside such an amazing city. Many people baulk at the fact that I moved back to New York from Miami after college, but if you're a New Yorker, you get it. It's this amazing city that has so much to offer for so many different types of people, and is truely an incredible melting pot of activity that sucks you in completely.

So, as I look out my bedroom window at the amazing sky line view of Manhattan, after just re-watching the Sex in the City Movie for the 100th time, I'm insanely head over heals with this amazing city, and I vow to make a greater effort to take advantage of all it has to offer before we move away from such close proximity to it, and begin a chapter of our lives that will make it more difficult. :) SB

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