Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok, so we signed the real estate papers last night to put our apartment on the market, holy heart attack!! I can not believe we are actually going through with this! Both Mr. Blue and I are freaking out, because we love, love, love our apartment and our life right now, but we both know it's time to upgrade to a bigger space. It's an insane mix of excitement, fear, and anticipation!

The photographer came over today to take pictures for our listing with the real estate expert from our realtor's company this afternoon, and after they left my husband called me at work. At this time we both oozed with nervous energy and giggles when he described how much they loved our apartment! The photographer aparently wanted to move in (I'd sell it to her real cheap)!

The kicker is, they are going to start showing our apartment this weekend!!! We are giddy with the idea that we could wind up with an offer sooner then we thought, and crying on the inside with the idea of leaving our palace! Especially when we just made so many improvements that have made us even happier in the space! Basically OMG!!!!

Hoping I'll get to post some pictures from our listing later :) SB

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