Saturday, March 6, 2010

Money, Money, Money, Money....

Another great way to wake up and go "wow I think I'm becoming a grown up," is to join finances with your fiance. While I was practically living with my now husband, we didn't join our finances until my apartment's lease was up and I "officially" moved in to his apartment (which he owned and we still live in). As I explained earlier I didn't have a budget when I was living on my own, so sitting down and figuring out just what we could afford every month was a little bit stressful for me.

Hence, I must admit I struggled with budgeting, and I was disappointed with the fact that even though we now had a joint income it didn't seem like we had any more money. It took us some time, and some tears from me before we were done, but I have to admit that my husband is amazing at budgeting and money management, and we were able to work out our spending, and more importantly our savings.

My parents were never very open about finances, and although I love them immensely, I feel that they did not really prepare me for managing my money when I was on my own. I think this mostly came from their hopes that I would always stay with them and never leave (seriously). Since I've been with my husband however I've become much more money savvy.

So, the plunge was taken, I added one more notch on my belt into the journey of adulthood. Not only did I now have a budget, but I had a fiance, a mortgage, and a wedding to plan. Holy wake up call!! It would have been so much easier to climb into a tree and forget it all! Play pretend forever! Not grow up!! But, I kept on rolling with the punches, and kept moving further from that tree and closer to the nursing home (well maybe that's an exaggeration).

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