Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flash Forward to the Present

So I've decided I've had enough of dwelling on the past, and that truthfully all of you readers have probably couldn't care less about all that nonsense. I'm sure I'll wind up referring to the scary, adult molding events in my life as the blog goes on, but I have way to much to freak out about now in my current stage of life to continue babbling about things that have already happened.

Flash forward to present day, I've been married a year and a half to my (most of the time) wonderful husband, and we are currently going through some pretty crazy grown-up stuff. For instance, the source of most of my "bug-outs" these days is getting ready to put our apartment on the market. Mr. Stella Blue bought our apartment about 5-6 years ago when he was single, and while it's an amazing apartment that we don't feel quite ready to leave, we're ready to upgrade to something a little bigger.

When I say our current apartment is amazing, I'm not lying. The view from my bedroom window is a perfect Manhattan sky line, for goodness sake!! We have a pool (also with and amazing sky line view, propped ever so nicely on the top of a cliff), a great park across the street, public transportation right outside our door, and we're obviously super close to NYC! So why are we moving?!?!?

View from our pool:

The only thing that has always bothered me about our apartment is that it's really in need of some updating, I never had the energy to re-decorate after moving in. It wasn't a super bachelor pad or anything crazy, so I just figured I'd get my decorating senseabilities in once we had a house. And lets just say, I don't think my husband has really cleaned anything (that men don't think to clean) since he moved in. I cleaned the windows for the first time ever last night, and I can't begin to tell you how much Windex I wound up using!

So, the past few weeks Mr. Blue and I have been cleaning, packing, and updating our place for sale, and we are hoping to have our place on the market by the end of the week!!! It's safe to say that we are both freaking out just a little at the prospect of becoming suburbanites!! More on our crazy adventure in home selling later. For now anyone want to buy a great appartment? SB.

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