Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ode to St. Patty's Days of Past

So, today I'm definitely feeling my age (not that I'm so old, just old enough). It's St. Patty's day today, and I am not drunk. Not even close, in fact my doctor told me today since my stomach has been bothering me I should stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and dairy (I am a caffeine addict, so that's torture enough!). Now, my party animal has quieted a bit (ok more then a bit) since I met my husband and got married, but I am definitely a party girl at heart. Hence the fact that we did bupkis this year for St. Patty's Day, Fake Patty's Day, etc, is kind of hitting me hard.

Last year though, was the epitome of all St. Patty's Days. Well, actually it was "Fake" Patty's Day in one of the towns near where we live. Fake Patty's Day in this town is basically a big excuse for everyone to get wasted starting at 9 am on. Oh, and there's a parade, I think. We began the day with breakfast and drinks at one friend's apartment around 10:00 am (9 am is when the "younger" kids start), and around noon we moved the party to another friend's place on the parade route. It was a beautiful day, and we spent the time out side on their roof playing flip cup and getting completely trashed. I was in rare form, completely out of my mind drunk! My husband's favorite story from that day is about when he was practically carrying me to the train to go home, and I shouted at a young mother and her child "what the F*ck are you looking at?" Not my finest moment, but was it better then this year?

This sober, non-celebratory year? I didn't even wear green today! I'm so not in that mode I guess, and it's so not typical because Mr. Blue is away all week! My slogan for whenever he's away is usually "when hubby's away I will play," but apparently not this time. Is it that my office moved from Manhattan to Warehouse City NJ? Or that all of our friends have moved into the burbs? Or that I'm just over it? Growing up? I think I'm just going to use the excuse that I've been nauseous all week (and no I'm not pregnant) so I don't feel like I'm getting old.

My friend on Facebook had the best status today about how we weren't really annoyed at the high school kids ditching school and drinking vodka out of water bottles, we were just jealous! It's so true! My cousin goes to college in Savannah, one of the biggest St. Party Day celebration places in the country, and I was definitely wishing I was cool enough to hang with her. I miss being able to drink all day every day and not caring how stupid I am, or how obnoxious, and yet when I say that my new adult self goes "really? you were so dumb!"

So, for all of you non-lame-o's celebrating St. Patrick's Day Today, HAVE FUN FOR ME!!!! SB

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