Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's a Girl!!!

One of my closest friends had her first child today, a beautiful baby girl! I'm so sad that I live so far from her, and will have to wait to meet the gorgeous little baby, but I'm so happy for her that I could burst!

I'm trying to be patient and let Mommy, Daddy, and baby rest before I barge in with questions, and it's really hard! I'm so anxious to hear the whole story of the birth and delivery! My friend has been such a great source of pregnancy information, and she really is educated about all things pregnancy and baby.

I will admit that it does edge into my "I feel so old" persuasion that one of my party girl friends is now a Mom, but I'm mostly just excited for this next chapter of our lives. Our little crew is now plus one, and a little girl too so she can be a part of our little girls club!

Wishing all my love, kisses, and heartfelt congratulations to the happy little family! <3 SB

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