Monday, May 3, 2010

Bar Crawl in the Burbs

Mr. B and I participated in a Bar Crawl this past weekend in the suburb where most of our friends have moved recently. I will admit when the hubbster first mentioned the idea of going on a bar crawl in suburbia, I was not all that keen to participate. I thought to myself, "is this really what we've come to?" It really made me feel like an old looser to be heading deeper into New Jersey then I already lived to engage in an activity that was so not the type of thing older married people with babies and houses usually do. I felt like I was handing in my "youth card" by agreeing to go, but the truth is it was a hell of a lot of fun.

I learned at this little function, that a parent with a baby sitter is more then ready to take advantage of a night off! While all of our tolerances are a bit lower, and I did hear a few complaints about it being past peoples bed times, this little crew partied late into the night, and we all held our own drinking more then our fair share. I hope those parents that were with us, were not as hung over as I was, or if they were that their children stayed with in-laws or grandparents until later in the day!

A big part of this "bar" crawl also seemed to be a recruitment tour for the town. I can't pretend I wasn't convinced by the end of the night that it would be great to move to an area where a lot of cool friends were there to soften the blow of suburbia. Hence, I think the evil plan could have taken root just a little.

Overall it was an awesome night, that helped me realize that it may not be that bad to move into the burbs. I was having a panic attack on the way there at the idea of living there, but the fun night made it less scary. I guess taking that next step into growing up won't be that bad, I hope. SB.

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