Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Things You Find on Craigslist: Part II

Since I've been completely slacking recently due to the hectic nature of my current work schedule, I thought I'd provide you all with a chuckle with another instalment of "The Things You Find on Craigslist." I personally was skratching my head, and giggling when I came across them, and I hope you enjoy them just as much! Again, I apologize to anyone who covets and owns these items.

Beautiful Porcelain Center Table - $50
(peanut gallery comment: I really wish I could see the rest of this person's home, it must be magical)

(peanut gallery comment: I don't think the bowl is all that ridiculous (maybe that says something about me), it's the price of $95 that blows my mind!)

"Bear Cub" coffee table - $50
(peanut gallery comment: I almost want this table! It's so adorable, and would make me feel like I was Snow White calling out the animals to come help me clean or something. Again, I wish I could see the rest of these peoples furnishings.)

Furniture plus misc items for sale
(peanut gallery comment: what is this? I think the price was something ridiculous too! Really?)

Bumper Car - $700
(peanut gallery comment: Ummm....FUN! What do you do with this? Child's bed?)

Ok, I should really be working. Ho hum. Hope to post more fun stuff soon! XO. SB.

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BubbeShell said...

Now I know what to get for you for your birthday :)