Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm in Love....

...with a coffee table!

Since it appears our apartment may not sell for a while, Mr.B has agreed to fulfill some of my house wish list items. Since my wishes have been granted, I've been scouring the Internet for a suitable coffee table. Mr.B likes glass topped tables and I could go either way, but wanting something that would please both of us. So, I have been trying my hardest to find something with a glass top that I like, which apparently is easier said then done.

Alas, my search appears to be over! Although Mr.B quite nicely pointed out the rather pointy edges of this table, which means if we have kids in the future (and trust me this coffee table will not be replaced any time soon, so lets call the future from now until 10 years from now), the table may be a hazard. So do we sacrifice our dream coffee table for our future non-existent children's possible accidents with said table? Or do we buy the table and deal with it later?

All I can say is, I love that table. SB.

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Project Specimens said...

Beautiful table! I think it would look terrific in your apartment :)
ps...the blog looks it :)